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hōm - one's place of residence
rē-dûks - revived, brought back

Home Redux is about helping homeowners revive, or bring their home back to its original glorious state. Don't let that leaky faucet, sticking door, broken window, worn decking, or rotten fence continue to be an annoyance. We are here to help you turn your home back into the place you love. No job is too small, and we can help with nearly everything; hanging TVs, new plumbing fixtures, drywall repairs and paint, sprinklers and drip systems, remodeling, and much more.  We have over 20 years experience performing a wide variety of home improvements and repairs. 

We will review the work to be performed and agree on the price before we begin. We will treat your home as if it is our home and we promise to perform quality work at a fair price. 

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