Past Projects

Floating Dining Room Sideboard

This empty wall was screaming for some attention. We custom fabricated a floating sideboard cabinet using the same materials to match the kitchen cabinetry.

Floating Dining Room Sideboard

Empty Wall Space Before

Garage Organization

We installed these manufactured steel cabinets creating a man cave.  We can also build simple utility shelving  from wood to cut costs. These work well when using storage containers.

Steel Manufactured Cabinet Installation

Garage Organization

Fireplace Shelves and Cabinets

These shelves and floating cabinets feature low voltage accent lighting. The material again matches the kitchen cabinets and accent the steel fireplace surround perfectly.

Custom Shelves and Cabinets to Accent the Fireplace

Custom Shelves and Cabinets Feature Low Voltage Lighting

Decorative Fencing and Privacy Screens

This fence was created to hide a hideous block wall. And some privacy screen to hide the neighbors back yard which was at a lower elevation. 

Tiered Decorative Fencing From Corrugated Steel

What is Hiding Behind The Fence